Born in 1943, the eleventh child of an Irish Catholic farm family, Miles O'Bryan grew up in a small town in Southeast Kansas.  It was a long journey from the plains of Kansas to San Francisco where he has made his home the past 30 years.

Miles has pursued a dedicated spiritual journey.  He continues to practice various forms of meditation, automatic handwriting, psychic channeling and other spiritual practices.  In the last eighteen years he has pursued a career as a visual artist and writer.  Miles' work reflects an intellectual intensity and a deep spiritual curiosity.

As a visual artist, Miles' first exposure to fine art came when he was a student at the University of Notre Dame.  Although he majored in philosophy, he spent a great deal of time in the University art gallery, and was especially inspired by the works of the artist-in-residence, Ivan Mestrovich.

Miles' study of philosophy focused on metaphysics.  The concept of "individual in the cosmos" is a theme that recurs in his work.  Miles' art has been showcased in galleries and special exhibits throughout the United States.

Miles began channeling songs in 1996 and he produced a tape of 10 original songs (in collaboration with Serge Durand) called "Other Lives."  He is currently working on a new CD.  In the past five years he has performed his songs before many groups both large and small.

His writing covers a vast territory from poetry and short stories to theatre pieces.  On this site you will find representative samples of these various styles.  Miles does not make a distinction between the profane and sacred in his work,since he believes all aspects of life contain both dimensions.

Miles' rich life experience and spiritual exploration offer a universe of creativity which he is delighted to share with you on this site.  Please return often:  there is always something new in the air.